Passive Optical LAN

High performance cabling solutions for the next generation of LANs

Passive Optical LAN

Cable Bulk

Suitable for indoor, outdoor and industrial infrastructure applications.

Jacks And Plugs

A wide range of modular shielded and unshielded keystone RJ45 jacks for high data transmissions.

Patch Cords

A complete range of modular shielded and unshielded RJ45 patch cords for data and voice transmissions.

Patch Panels

A wide selection of 19-inch shielded and unshielded patch panels available in unloaded configurations

Cross Connect

Copper Cables Bulk - Suitable for indoor, outdoor and industrial infrastructure applications.

Face Plates

Snap-in wall mount & floor box faceplates in regular and angled variants suitable for keystone jacks.

Surface Mount Boxes

A wide range of snap-in surface mount box for furniture, table top or ceiling mount applications.

19 inch Patch Panels

Range of 19 inch panels suitable for splicing pigtails and patching.

Fiber Optic Cable

Selection of high-performance fiber optic cables for indoor LAN and Data Center applications.

MPO Cable Assemblies

Ultra Low Loss MPO/MTP cable systems with 8, 12 and 24 fibers.

LC Cable Assemblies

Standard cable assemblies with SFF and LFF connectivity such as LC or SC.

LGX Chassis and Modules

LGX system for supporting vertical or horizontal patching fields. 

Cabinet Accessories

Accessories and cable management products for equipment cabinets.

Equipment Cabinets

Server racks and switch racks for the LAN and Data Center environment.

Power Distribution

Variety of power strips for in rack power distribution.

Modules GEN2

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Chassis GEN2

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Optical Network Terminal

Data, Voice, RF and Wireless OLT's for small to medium deployments

Optical Line Terminal

Range of Optical Line Terminals for small to medium deployments


Rotating wall-mounted patching interface for MDU and MTO applications

Collector Terminal

Collector point for pre-terminated distribution terminals in MDU and MTU applications


Collector plate for stand-alone or inegration into 3rd party enclosures

Passive Components

Passive optical components such as fused and planar splitters

Field Connectors

Field connectors for fiber termination in the field.

Patch Cords

Simplex and duplex patch cords for equipment connections


Pigtails sets for fusion splcing applications inside enclosures

Breakout Cables

Singlemode and multimode breakout cables for fast, high-density fiber links