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"OPTERNA has been supplying leading global carriers for more than 15 years”

Fiber Management


Low cost per port

P2P and PON

OPTERNA offers a range of high-density fiber management systems designed to simplify network Moves, Adds and Changes. This in turn contributes to significantly lower operational costs and a reduced total cost of ownership.

We cater for P2P and PON architectures and we have a range of termination methods to suit different applications and business model

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Assemblies and Components

20 Year experience

All Connector Types

Wide Portfolio

OPTERNA has been delivering high-performance cable assemblies into the FTTX market for over 20 years. We were one of the first companies to supply low-loss MPO assemblies, and since our foundation we have delivered operational excellence across a wide range of connectivity and assembly types. Our portfolio includes passive optical splitters, pigtails, patch cords and high-fiber count breakout cables..

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Splitter Chassis and Modules


Easy to use

Fast deployment

Todays Passive Optical Networks (PONs) depend on extremely compact, high density splitters systems which deliver voice and data to the maximum amount of subscribers. OPTERNA specialize in pre-terminated splitter modules that can be integrated into sub-racks and distribution hubs with speed and simplicity.

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OPTERNA has a range of plastic and metal wall-mounted enclosures depending on the particular application and fiber-count required. Our products can be used for splice-through applications, splice and patch or with integrated passive components for PON applications.

Fiber Distribution Box
Terminal Access Box
Optical Distribution Box


OPTERNA has one of the most innovative range of distribution hubs for MDU and MTU installations. The TurnOpt products rotate in the vertical axis, giving users the benefit of access to the front and rear of the patch field, whilst BuildOpt products store the excess cable-slack on a rotating ’spool-type’ patching field. OPTERNA offer the complete system from building entry to customer access point.

BuildOpt MDU/MTU Solution
TurnOpt Distribution Hubs


Optical Line Terminals

Optical Network Terminals

OPTERNA supply a range of high-performance Optical Line Terminals and Optical Network Terminals for small and medium sized FTTH and Passive Optical LAN deployments.

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