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High Density



The Ultra-High-Density chassis (UHD) is a modular, standards-based, pre- terminated distribution platform designed to increase port density, improve connector access, and efficiently utilize valuable rack space in data centers.

The UHD system is scalable and modular, allowing different module types to be integrated, such as MPO to LC transition, patching modules, TAP modules and splicing modules.


OPTERNA’s ultra-low-loss MPO cable systems allow you to scale up your data rates to 200G and beyond, thanks to industry-leading optical performance. The MPO PLUS connector allows gender and polarity-switching in the factory or the field, making it the number one choice for rapidly evolving data centers.

Ultra Low Loss

Made to measure

Clean and easy

LC CABLE assemblies

OPTERNA’s extremely compact, high-performance LC uni-boot assemblies are polarity switchable and feature an integrated, push-pull tab for unbeatable access during moves, adds and changes. The assembly process of these LC uni-boot assemblies has been optimized so that users can enjoy optical loss no greater than 0.15dB on multimode assemblies. This enhanced performance allows more flexibility across the link and provides increased ‘loss-budget tolerance’ at higher data rates..


Polarity Switchable

Unbeatable Access