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OPTERNA products consistently exceed the standards required for today’s demanding network applications”


OPTERNA offer a range of fiber optic products that can be deployed throughout the Passive Optical LAN infrastructure. Innovative BuildOpt Solutions can be used to manage splitter modules on different floors of the building, or alternatively Splitter Chassis and Modules can be housed inside conventional network cabinets. All of these fiber management systems are inter-connected with OPTERNA fiber optic Assemblies and Components.



Independently Tested


OPTERNA designs and manufactures cost-effective, high-performance, balanced copper systems to support applications up to and including 10GBase-T and remote powering (PoE+).


Optical Line Terminals

Optical Network Terminals

OPTERNA supply a range of high-performance Optical Line Terminals and Optical Network Terminals for small and medium sized FTTH and Passive Optical LAN deployments.