Street cab solution that turning more than just heads!


OPTERNA has developed an innovative street cabinet solution for FTTH networks, that simplifies and reduces the time it takes to connect customers in the field.

The revolutionary system combines a rotating patch and splitter sub-rack on one side of the cabinet, and a removable splicing enclosure on the other side. OPTERNA has led the industry for many years as having the fastest and most convenient fiber management system, and this new combination provides the perfect solution for outside plant.

The patching system is pre-connectorised with a length of cable that is then spliced to the feeder cable inside the closure. This allows the closure to be removed from the cabinet and placed in a nearby vehicle where the splicing is made. The closure is a common approach for most network operators, however splicing closure are not well suited to regular moves, adds and changes. This where the ‘TurnOPT’ fiber management system comes in.

The rotating sub-rack is pre-assembled with PLC splitter modules that can be disconnected from their parking area in seconds, and then connected to the customer. Cable slack is managed around the side of the subrack making it a neat and tidy solution.


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