OPTERNA launch miniature MPO to LC harness

OPTERNA have introduce a miniature furcation harness for converting MPO connectivity to LC Uniboot connectivity. These products can be used as part of a ‘structured cabling link’ or alternatively they can be used as agreggation harnesses from switches to servers.

The harness housing is extremely small in diameter and short in length, which means that it does not block the access or visibility to transceiver ports at the front of high density switches or servers. Harnesses are also supplied with different stagger types on the legs so that each cable system is perfectly matched to the equipment it is connected to. OPTERNA also offer ‘straight-tailed’ versions that can be used for all applications and equipment types.

Harnesses are available as 8 fiber, 12 fiber and even 24 fiber systems so that all of the most common ‘multi-fiber connector types’ are covered.

OPTERNA simplify the ‘buying process’ of harnesses by introducing a new ‘Selection Tool’ that allows customers to choose their equipment type and then identify the most suitable cabling product.




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