OPTERNA developed the first rotating fiber management system for faster access to connectivity”

Pre-termination is 75% faster than splicing

Fusion splicing is widely recognized as the most consistent and reliable method for connecting fibers in the field. However, fusion splice machines are expensive, and the process of splicing fibers takes a great deal of time. Pre-terminated systems on the other hand, reduce this cost, and eliminate the need for specialist equipment and trained technicians.

OPTERNA provide solutions that eliminate splicing altogether so that our customers can get the maximum life-time benefit from our solutions.

OPTERNA provide Fiber Management with a twist!

OPTERNA developed the TurnOpt Fiber Management System to reduce the amount of time it takes for technicians to make Moves, Adds and Changes in the field. In dynamic networks such as FTTH, the lifetime-cost of connecting and managing new customers is extremely labour intensive and costly.

TurnOpt allows technicians to access both sides of a patch panel in just a few seconds by rotating the complete patching interface around a vertical axis.

Customized to your application or environment

OPTERNA products are placed in the most demanding areas of the network where frequent human interaction and constant change takes place. By simplifying and speeding up the the most dynamic areas of the network, OPTERNA can provide the highest return on investment. The OPTERNA TurnOpt system has benefited leading TELECOM operators for the past 10 years. The benefits are clear, and they have made this product an integral part of their standard network build-out since its creation.

If you have an idea about how our unique rotating technology can benefit you, please get in touch.